KUJTEN is the result of a friendship between two young Parisians: Carole Benaroya and Stephanie Eriksson. One has an expertise in finance, is a fashion and design addict; the other works in the fashion industry, has a real expertise in knitwear and cashmere, and is sensitive to details and the world’s beauty.

It is from this encounter and from a common passion for cashmere, that Kujten arose, or the affordable luxury cashmere. Indeed, KUJTEN knocks over the coding regarding cashmere, by offering a rich and plural style inspired by today's trends, along with a large choice of timeless classic designs which have been restyled, at affordable prices, all the products being crafted from 100 % cashmere produced in Mongolia.

KUJTEN, which is nothing else by the name of one of the highest peaks of the Altai chain, is also a big crush for Mongolia, the country with a blue sky. It is the unlikely chemistry between the French design of chic and modern stitches and the ancient Mongolian know-how regarding the way to craft cashmere, from the livestock farming, the mowing of the animal while respecting it, until the various steps for processing the fiber. The insurance of a quality at a low price to offer you a large collection that accompanies you in every moment of your life.

Why Mongolia ?

To benefit from the expertise of the cashmere and the ancient Mongolian know-how, passed down from generation to generation, and for the selection of the cashmere fibers.The cashmere is a strong economic component helping the development of Mongolia. By knitting the clothes there, KUJTEN ensures the interests and the fututre of this textile subsidiary, as well as the nomadic goat breeders, the traditions and their communities.


Everything starts by the smooth and silky wool of the Capra Hisca goat. The cashmere is a noble and rare material, as it is only produced by the Capra Hisca goats and only in regions where they can be raised.During the particularly harsh winters on the Mongolian's highlands, goats develop a very thick woolly fleece to protect themselves from the cold (which can go as low as -40°).At the end of the winter, the goats naturally molt and lose their down. This is when they are combed in order to collect 80 % of their down and turn it into cashmere.

How to care

The cashmere is a fiber which likes water, so exit the preconceived ideas, the fact of washing your cashmere enables it to stay smooth and soft. A few technical pieces of advice should nevertheless be taken into account. Whether you wash your cashmere in the washing machine using a cold cycle or hand wash it in cold water, you should never use any softener. Also, in order to protect the cashmere's fiber, you should dry it flat on a towel, away from the heat and the light. Finally, you should iron your cashmere gently and delicately inside out with a mildly hot iron without any steam.